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“Share a rare intimate narrative and an extraordinary book.”

By Helen Underwood Miller

“This is an extraordinary book. Every horse will be ever grateful to Joe Camp for writing it. Buy it for your daughters, sons, friends, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, vets, farriers, neighbors, hay dealers, feed merchants, the local breeders, the people who muck out at their stables, the people who rent trailers, the people who have horse rescue centers. Buy paper copies and leave them accidentally on purpose at the racetracks, at the show jumping events, horse auctions and at clinics you attend. Buy the kindle version for everyone you know who likes horses. And those that would if they had the chance. And maybe include those that don’t know anything about horses much at all but you know like stories. Joe Camp has written a book that will change the way you think about horses forever. Kathleen Camp has photographed her husband Joe and their horses and her work invites us to share a rare, intimate narrative. Millions of horses around the world desperately need us to change and this important book can make that happen.”

“Joe Camp is a master storyteller.” – The New York Times

The bestselling sequel to the National Best Seller
The Soul of a Horse – Life Lessons from the Herd

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