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“I Found Treasure!”

“I found treasure! I have been reading your books and I am just so impressed with how you latched onto so much information, had the courage to apply it, even if it was with trial and error, and how you are so willing to share your journey. The books help me to feel that it’s okay to smile, or even laugh, to be open to applying common sense, to have that endless curiosity, and to simply let the horses know how much they are loved and appreciated for who they are individually and as a species. I am just so happy to be reading what you’ve written. Thank-you and I’ll be back for more.” – Jennifer Canfield

Wow! A Scholar in the Family!

R E Lee

Students of American History in general and the Civil War in particular will love my brother-in-law’s (Don Hopkins) new book: Robert E. Lee in War and Peace: The Photographic History of a Confederate and American Icon. The reviews and Advance Praise are incredible. William C. Davis, renowned scholar and author says “This book deserves to be acclaimed a milestone in Lee biography as well as in the broader field of Civil War photographic history.” Don has located every known Lee image, some never-before published, and put them all together in one incredible book. “A sweeping history of Lee’s life and a compelling discussion of antique photography.”

Way to go my very own brother-in-law! Congratulations!

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What is Leadership?

I remember well the day our first three horses arrived. Such a rush! The result of a 66-year love affair… from afar. In my mind and heart. And quite suddenly there were three horses in our family. It felt magical.

Now what?

The urge to climb on and hit the trails was compelling. We have horses. Let’s ride. Let’s go. Let’s do something.

Fortunately for all concerned we had a better plan. Read More→