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Kathleen and I watched Benji the Hunted last night

And I was blown away.

It’s been fifteen years since I last watched it. It was such a very difficult shoot it’s sometimes hard to disassociate all the problems we had with every location, every shot. Back then, I was probably never able to just sit back and watch it as a movie. It was seriously difficult because there are only five minutes of people in the entire film. The rest is all animals. Bears, wolves, hawks, ferrets, bunnies, owls, and cougars. Big ones and small ones. And every one of them had to literally act on the screen just as Benji does to tell the story. To portray their feelings and emotions and intentions every bit as well as Benji does. And they do. I watched it last night as I would watch any other movie. Well, almost. I don’t come out of most movies so very proud. Proud that I had just watched a classic film unlike any I have ever seen. And there will probably never be another quite like it. Remember there was no CGI back then. No digitally painting a worried face onto an otherwise happy animal. Or vice versa. What you see is real. Just the way we shot it. It’s exciting, and amazing, and very entertaining. All of which is why I can say, unapologetically, it blew me away. It’s available on Amazon as instant video to rent or buy, and as a DVD. Disney was the distributor on this one so we get nothing when you watch. But I highly recommend it to you. Here’s the link:

Benji the Hunted on Amazon


First day home. So frail and tiny.

First day home. So frail and tiny.

Not anymore! She's big... strong...

Three years later – Big and Strong!

Mouse Today

See the Video of Mouse
at Three – Two-and-a-half Years After Rescue

Below is an excerpt chapter from the book The Soul of a Horse about the adoption of Mouse from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. The League rescued her and 13 other horses from extremely grotesque circumstances. She’s an American Saddlebred and was approximately seven months old when adopted, skinny and undernourished, and came to Monty Roberts’ Flag is Up Farms completely untouchable with hooves that looked to be out of a horror movie.
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Lessons from the Wild

Pete Ramey is my hero for all that he has done and continues to do for the horse. He arguably knows more about the inner workings of a horse’s hoof than anyone on the planet. Pete and his wife Ivy took a week-long trip into wild horse country to see first hand, for themselves, if all the reports and research they had read about wild horse lifestyle, and hooves, and health, and happiness were true. As Pete says, they were blown away. This is their story, in Pete’s words, and I promise you will be blown away as well: Read More→

Meet Ratatouille, Our Latest Adoption?


Last night while I was loading the Gator with hay to distribute in the pasture, totally spaced out, humming a tune to Zeke, the quiet of the moment was suddenly shattered by a blood curdling scream from the tack room. I raced in and Kathleen was in the corner totally trapped by and pointing to the cabinet where we keep our feeding buckets. “S-s-snake!!,” she squeaked out. Read More→

Joe Will Be Taking Questions on HC Worldwide Webinar – Twice, Saturday Jan 18th


Hey ya’ll… I’ll be speaking on two Horse Conscious webinars on Saturday (Jan 18). The reach is worldwide, which is why they have set up two times, 12 noon and 7pm Central Time USA. You can access via internet (free!!) or via phone line. Hope some of y’all who we talk to all the time in New Zealand, Australia, Austria, UK, Italy, France, South Africa, UAE, Germany et al can join the call. Yes… and USA too! It’s going to be fun. Ruella Yates will interview moi (we can feel sorry for Ruella, right?) and she will be asking YOUR questions to be emailed so sign up and we’ll talk on Saturday (again, FREE!) at this link:

We had our test run this morning for the webinars and decided to not only use your email questions but to unmute and open up the questions to y’all live. Mark and Ruella will explain on Saturday, but effectively you will be able to digitally hold up your hand and be called on for questions. What a crazy world we live in ). The webinar is free, and I recommend using a USB headset, or your computer mic and speakers, but you can call in on the phone as well. Again, the link for sign up is: