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At last! Noelle is crossing thresholds!


Thresholds that have been four years coming with our first-ever mustang. We re-started our No Agenda Time with Noelle a few weeks ago, before Born Wild was published (see Chapter 16); and three out of the last five nights she’s told us that it’s paying off. As you probably know we believe that relationship and trust must come first. Before anything. And it must come from the horse’s own choice, of her own free will. Then everything – and I mean EVERYthing – changes. There are many different reasons why it’s taken her this long Read More→

Thank You so much!

Thank you so much! Yesterday Born Wild was both the #1 and #2 (Kindle & paperback) Bestseller on Amazon (Horse Books). Why Relationship First Works was #3, and The Soul of a Horse was #4! Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you everybody! The horses thank you!!

The anxiously anticipated  sequel to the National Best Seller
The Soul of a Horse – Life Lessons from the Herd


“Joe Camp is a master storyteller.” – The New York Times

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It’s Been a Long Time Coming!

“Joe Camp is a master storyteller.” – The New York Times
The anxiously anticipated sequel to the National Best Seller
The Soul of a Horse – Life Lessons from the Herd.


#1 Amazon Best Seller
#1 Amazon “Hot New Releases”

Five years ago I began this book. We had only been horse owners for a year and a half and I had been asking a lot of questions, apparently too loudly too often, about how our new horses should be kept and cared for… and what we could learn by looking to the horses in the wild.

“Not a thing,” I was told, over and over again. “The domestic horse and the horse in the wild are not even the same species anymore.”

That made no sense to me. I remembered a teacher I once had who taught me to make decisions based upon knowledge and wisdom, not hearsay. So we began a new exploration, a new journey, once again charging off into uncharted waters… until we were suddenly stopped cold in our tracks Read More→

Why Are These Horses Eating Hay?


I love this photo. I’m not even sure why really. Maybe it’s because I know how much alike these two horses are. Our wild mustang baby Firestorm on the left and our rescued American Saddlebred Mouse on the right. I posted the photo on Facebook just because I liked it. And I like them. Birds of a feather. Two very bright and very curious horses. This morning Saffron – Stormy’s mom – and I were walking out of the barn breezeway to breakfast. I had called both of them but realized I wasn’t hearing eight hooves on the pea gravel. I glanced back and all I could see of Stormy was a bit of her butt. She had stepped up into the tack room. All four feet! I wish I had thought to Read More→

Eliminating the Root Cause of Most Health, Hoof, and Behavior Problems

Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Horse Care
#1 “Hot New Releases”

I tried to show you the heart and soul of a dog with the creation of the canine superstar Benji. And I attempted to lure you into the soul of a horse in what StressFrontCoverOLB-325critics have called an engaging, emotional, and often humorous best seller The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd, now in its 11th printing, a book that set traditional thinking about horses on its ear while changing the lives of horses and people all across the planet. Now, here I go again trying to lure you back into the heart and soul of a horse in my new and hopefully powerful Horses & Stress – Eliminating the Root Cause of Most Health, Hoof and Behavior Problems.

We have eight horses. A rescued American Saddlebred, three mustangs straight out of the wild, two Arabians, a paint and a quarter horse. And at our farm there is no colic, no laminitis, no strangles, no insulin resistance, no ulcers, no founder, no navicular issues, no cribbing, pawing, kicking, weaving, pacing, or biting. Read More→

Happy Birthday Miss Firestorm!

StormyBD4cr2x500One year old today!

It seems impossible that the photo below was taken a year ago today. Kathleen had just driven by an hour before on her way to work and there was no baby. An hour later Read More→