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Why Is This Treat So Good For Your Horse?

I’ve been searching a long time for a treat that is actually good for my horses. A treat that isn’t loaded with sugar or molasses, or grains which are mostly non-structural carbs which turn to sugar when metabolized, or soy, or hydrogenated vegetable fats or oils. We train with treats and use a lot of them. So I’ve been reading a lot of labels. Most of them are scary.

Which is why I’m so excited that I’ve finally found this treat. Read More→

Here come the winter reminders: No More Blankets – An Amazing Article!

This is the best, all encompassing science on why horses should not be blanketed or groomed in winter, and should be fed free-choice grass hay 24/7. Well done! Natalija! All documented and referenced at the end.

By: Natalija Aleksandrova
Holistic Horse & Hoof Care

In order for a mammal to survive, internal body temperature is kept within a very narrow range. If the temperature exceeds these limits either above or below, Read More→

Why Supplement Omega 3s?

Because Omega 3s Are Essential for Your Horse

Every domestic horse on the planet needs Omega 3 supplementation because no one, not horse or human, can manufacture their own Omega 3s. A horse in the wild will get his Omega 3 needs from the many varied kinds of fresh native grasses that have never been exposed to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and never been GMO’d. Domestic pastures virtually always come up short because they have been heavily exposed to some or all of the above. Grass hay loses its Omega 3s when it’s cut and dried. Read More→

I’ve Been Told My Standards Are Too High

JoeCashWalk2-4533Joe Camp, author of the National Bestseller The Soul of a Horse – Life Lessons
from the Herd; the horse’s #1 advocate for happier healthier lives

I’ve heard that a lot.

You set your standards too high.

Better than too low I’ve been known to whisper.

Usually I just shake my head and walk away. Read More→

“Arthritis is an easy fix…”

“If anybody tells you that generation of new cartilage tissue is impossible they are lying to you. We do it all the time.” – Dr. Peter Glidden, ND

“46 million Americans have arthritis. They spend $128 Billion per year with MD’s that have no understanding or knowledge of how to cure arthritis. They only know how to manage it. Or operate on it. Yet, the July 2002 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that knee replacement surgery for arthritis doesn’t work. It’s a temporary fix, at best because it doesn’t fix the cause of the arthritis. It’s like painting over the mold in the basement. You can’t see it anymore, but it isn’t fixed.

“So what will fix it?

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No Agenda Time – Join Up Without a Round Pen

Joe and Saffron

You might remember that, for me, the most important element in Monty Roberts’ Join Up is that the choice to join up, to trust, belongs to the horse. It is not forced by the human. And when the horse makes that choice freely, of its own free will, everything changes. No-Agenda Time takes longer than Monty’s Join Up (which usually works for him in 30 to 40 minutes). Our No Agenda experiment with our new mustang Saffron took 35 days, but when it happened everything changed, like a flash, right before our eyes. Everything! As if she had just flicked a switch. Read More→