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The Only Treat on the Planet that is Actually Good for Your Horse!

From people who appear to actually care about your horse’s health and happiness. This is the singular best treat on the market as far as I’m concerned because Omega Fields’ Omega Nibblers® Low Sugar is the only treat I have found that uses 99.9% pure Non-GMO stabilized ground fortified flax. That’s .9% higher than required for human food grade. Nobody else does this. Every heart-shaped treat contains 684mg of properly balanced Omega 3s, and 15 of these treats are a tasty Omega 3 alternative to ½ cup of Omega Horseshine. Without any of the bad stuff found in other treats.

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Omega 3s are absolutely essential to your horse in so many ways! They fight inflammation, they support and build the immune system, improve bone and joint health, restore cracked and brittle hooves Read More→

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Monty Roberts on Joe Camp

As I write this, I have known Joe less than one year, but it seems a heck of a lot longer. Of course I knew Benji and have marveled at how those stories were put together. But imagine how inadequate it makes me feel to realize how recently Joe came into horses. The man is a natural when it comes to understanding how animals tick and a genius at telling us their story.

The Soul of a Horse will entertain you while it educates you. It will take you on a journey from the prehistoric horse to the modern-day domesticated partner that we all seek to better understand. It is a must-read for those who love animals of any species. – Monty Roberts

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Have you ever wondered what kind of person could begin writing a book like The Soul of a Horse less than a year-and-a-half after acquiring his very first one? I have. There were times when I thought I was crazy. How could all of the discoveries we were making be true? Surely someone would have been talking about them before now. “Keep writing,” Kathleen said. And I, the dutiful husband, did. And I’m so glad I did. Below is the result: Read More→

Liberty Inspires Trust

The single most important thing you can do for your horse and your relationship with your horse is to gain his trust. To have him say I trust you. Completely. Implicitly.

Of his own free choice. His own free will.

And the only way to accomplish that is for your horse to be at liberty. To not be trapped by a halter and lead rope. To be able to leave or stay according to his choice, not yours.

I liken it to my relationship with God. He gave me free will, to go and do, or stay and trust him. If he had a halter and lead rope on me I’d be a prisoner wouldn’t I?

Kathleen and I are with our horses at least twice a day and each of those visits and all of our training are completely at liberty. Our seven never feel trapped by a halter and a lead rope. They are free to go and do, or stay, as they please. Therefore when they choose to stay, when they choose to trust, it is their choice, not ours. And that’s when everything changes for the better. Read More→

Our Vet Had Never Seen a Baby Like This One

Malachi at 12 days old

Dr. Matt was vet to a 140-horse breeding farm across town and saw foals virtually every day of his life, yet he would stand propped on our fence and watch this newborn race up and down the steep rocky paddock and he’d shake his head, saying, “I’ve just never seen a baby like this one.” He was fascinated by Malachi and I think he loved him as much as we did. This baby horse who was conceived in the wild and who broke all the domestic rules. He was born under the stars with nobody watching but God and his mama. The foaling book told us that after a couple of weeks he could come outside for a maximum of two hours a day. We laughed, because Malachi had never been inside. He was running up and down the hill and around rocks and boulders on his third or fourth day of life and I remember Kathleen saying, “Just think of all the babies who never get a chance to do this.” Read More→

Confinement Weakens Bones in Horses

Skin and bones when we rescued her at 7 months from
an awful
confinement in Iowa. Now Miss Mouse is
a beautiful, healthy, happy young lady.

The Kentucky Equine Research Staff reports in a recent EquiNews that confinement weakens bones in horses.

A horse in the wild will move anywhere from 8 to 20 miles per day. A horse in a stall, by study, will average only 800 steps per day. The equine body and brain are programed to not be confined.

Not only does confinement weaken bones, it causes intense physical and emotional stress that, in turn, produces most health, hoof, and behavior problems. Read More→