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Teach Your dog To Do What Benji Does in the Movies!

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Written by Joe Camp, the writer and director of all five Benji movies and all of Benji’s television programs, The Benji Method is a non-regulation training program that dispels the notion that training your dog must be difficult, or must be done by an expert, or that you need a PhD in animal psychology to even try. It’s fun to read or watch and fun to work with, and the program captures the spirit of how movie training with Benji is approached with exercises dog lovers can truly enjoy with their dog.

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Benji Movie Memories
Clips from 5 Benji Movies Starring 3 Different Benjis
Your dog can be doing everything Benji does!

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The purpose of this program is to convince dog lovers to feel comfortable with the concept that they can have terrific communication with their dog throughout his or her life; Read More→


Magic happens when you follow your passion and never ever give up. God placed that passion in your heart. He will see it through. The one on the left is the proof.

How Could This Happen?

How does a neophyte with no experience produce and direct a movie that every studio declined to distribute so he forms a distribution company and propels the film to the #3 movie of the year, all with no help from Hollywood? Read this. On Amazon. And everywhere. I believe in magic.


Are My Standards Too High?

I was told my standards are too high. I was searching for a treat that is actually good for our horses. I’ve learned that when you dig deep enough, search long enough, and question loudly enough, you’ll discover the most amazing things. Like a treat that has no molasses, no soy, no corn, or other grains high in non-structural carbs, no hydrogenated fats or oils. Only good stuff, like loads of Omega 3s. Click below and save 10% with our coupon code.

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Buy ’em – Try ’em
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“The Soul of a Horse has changed my life!”

“I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that The Soul of a Horse has changed my life and my horses! My relationship with my horses is so much better. It wasn’t bad before but it has reached a whole new level. I’m so thrilled. It all makes so much sense to me! I just placed an order for several more of your books. Thank you for sharing the knowledge you have learned, and the love you have for your herd!!” Ewing Miller

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Just hanging out today with our once wild mustang Saffy

It;s amazing what 35 days of No Agenda Time can accomplish.