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Why I Love God and C.S. Lewis


Why I Love God and C.S. Lewis

by Joe Camp

“Christians are whacky. Scary.”

“Excuse me?” I said.

“You know, all the time ranting, raving, singing, praising God.”

“And what is it that’s scary about that?” I asked.

“Well, it’s just scary. They want everybody to act like that. They’re all in your face about it. Finger pointing. Telling you you’re going to hell.”

“All of them??”

“From what I’ve seen, pretty much,” he said.

“I’m a Christian,” I said.

“You are??”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, you don’t act like it.”

“Yeah I do, actually. I try to.”

“You’ve never told me I was going to hell.”

“Where did you see that as a definition of a Christian?”

“Well… I don’t know. Its just that so many of them do.”

“I see. How many?”

“Geez, I don’t know. A lot. Some. A few.”

“How many Christians do you know who have never said that?” Read More→

Kathleen and I watched Benji the Hunted last night

And I was blown away.

It’s been fifteen years since I last watched it. It was such a very difficult shoot it’s sometimes hard to disassociate all the problems we had with every location, every shot. Back then, I was probably never able to just sit back and watch it as a movie. It was seriously difficult because there are only five minutes of people in the entire film. The rest is all animals. Bears, wolves, hawks, ferrets, bunnies, owls, and cougars. Big ones and small ones. And every one of them had to literally act on the screen just as Benji does to tell the story. To portray their feelings and emotions and intentions every bit as well as Benji does. And they do. I watched it last night as I would watch any other movie. Well, almost. I don’t come out of most movies so very proud. Proud that I had just watched a classic film unlike any I have ever seen. And there will probably never be another quite like it. Remember there was no CGI back then. No digitally painting a worried face onto an otherwise happy animal. Or vice versa. What you see is real. Just the way we shot it. It’s exciting, and amazing, and very entertaining. All of which is why I can say, unapologetically, it blew me away. It’s available on Amazon as instant video to rent or buy, and as a DVD. Disney was the distributor on this one so we get nothing when you watch. But I highly recommend it to you. Here’s the link:

Benji the Hunted on Amazon

What Christmas Means to Us

Here’s what Christmas is all about for us.
The Man, his story, and the song.



Eliminating the Root Cause of Most Health, Hoof, and Behavior Problems

Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Horse Care
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I tried to show you the heart and soul of a dog with the creation of the canine superstar Benji. And I attempted to lure you into the soul of a horse in what StressFrontCoverOLB-325critics have called an engaging, emotional, and often humorous best seller The Soul of a Horse: Life Lessons from the Herd, now in its 11th printing, a book that set traditional thinking about horses on its ear while changing the lives of horses and people all across the planet. Now, here I go again trying to lure you back into the heart and soul of a horse in my new and hopefully powerful Horses & Stress – Eliminating the Root Cause of Most Health, Hoof and Behavior Problems.

We have eight horses. A rescued American Saddlebred, three mustangs straight out of the wild, two Arabians, a paint and a quarter horse. And at our farm there is no colic, no laminitis, no strangles, no insulin resistance, no ulcers, no founder, no navicular issues, no cribbing, pawing, kicking, weaving, pacing, or biting. Read More→

Two Mustangs, Three Mind-Boggling Months!

See the new video: Stormy Sits on Her Bean Bag

Time has flown by at the speed of light. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been almost 100 days since Miss Saffron stepped off the trailer, an as yet unhandled mustang from the wild who had never willingly touched or been touched by any human. And she was very pregnant. We were told by the BLM that she would probably deliver in May. That was March 17th. Three days later Miss Firestorm was born. Read More→

Firestorm’s Amazing First Day in the Playpen

Malachi had a playpen. We knew from the beginning that Noelle would not willingly allow us near her baby so we had no choice but to devise a way to separate them in order to imprint and train Malachi. But this time around (Here We Go Again), Miss Saffron, like Noelle an unhandled mustang from the wild, tricked us. She has been so Read More→