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Changing the World!

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“Before reading The Soul Of A Horse, I was about to give up on our horses because of the many misconceptions that I had regarding their care and how to be in a relationship with them.  I am now filled with hope and have a renewed sense of purpose in partnering with our horses for a meaningful journey through the rest of our lives together. Yours was the first book that I’d read for recreational “entertainment” in literally years!  It turned out to be the most beneficial and therapeutic read I have experienced, out of a host of unfinished self-help books collecting dust on my shelves.  Who knew? I’m looking forward to Born Wild.” – Kirk Durbin

Joe Camp’s best seller The Soul of a Horse-Life Lessons from the Herd, now in its 14th printing, has been turning the horse world on its ear and changing the lives of horses and people all across the planet since its publication. Critical and reader acclaim for The Soul of a Horse from over 350,000 readers has generated a profound impact on the way horses are being trained, kept, and cared for around the world.

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Why Is My Next Book For Beginners Only?

Finally back at work on the next book: Horses – For Beginners Only
Here’s a sneak peek at Chapter One.


Why For Beginners Only?

Because you have the opportunity to change the world.

Seriously. You are not bogged down in practices that make no sense, either logically or scientifically. You have the opportunity to meet the horse as a being with feelings and needs before he becomes little more than a tool. Which will most likely cause you to start asking what’s in it for the horse, not just what’s in it for you. And others will follow you. And together you can change the world.

We began our journey of discovery with horses just a few short years ago. I was 68. It seems like yesterday. One day we had no horses and no clue. The next day we had three horses… and no clue. Read More→

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The story of our journey with horses (to date) is told in these books. Well, almost to date, as we continue to learn more each and every day.

But what a story it is as two novices without a clue stumble

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When you take off the halter or the bridle you’re left with only one thing… The Truth

When we first moved to middle Tennessee I had to use halters to lead this horse that way and that horse this way. Twice every day at feeding time I was faced with sorting out the horses to their respective feeding stations. Each horse is fed in a specific place, determined by his or her dominance position in the herd, but since we never use stalls, sorting them into those places is often… hmmm… interesting. The “places” and feeding order are determined by all kinds of things like who eats fast and who eats slowly, who is boss of who, and who is ornery enough to walk away from hers to steal someone else’s even before she’s finished with her own. A few weeks of that was quite enough. I decided to teach each horse to “walk with me” at liberty. Read More→