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Our Mission: What’s In It for the Horse?

The photo above was taken from our front yard by Lucas Wiesmann, one of Kathleen’s Mock Trial students, at her annual Mock Trial Dinner last Friday, the day before the regional competition. The photo of Zeke racing down to meet the kids so beautifully represents who we are, our mission, that I’ve placed it on our home page and here on this this blog post, because both are about just that. Thank you Lucas!

Are you asking everyday what’s in it for the horse? With lifestyle? With training? With diet? With feet? With relationship? What’s in it for the horse? Not what’s in it for me? Until then you cannot even imagine how good things can be.

Clinician Ray Hunt always opened every clinic or symposium the same way. “I’m here for the horse,” he would say. “To help him get a better deal.” He and his mentor, Tom Dorrance, were the first to promote looking at a relationship with the horse from the horse’s perspective. Their question was never What’s in it for me? But always, What’s in it for the horse?

During our relatively short journey with horses we began to understand early on that What’s in it for the horse? should be the only question. And not just related to training, but to Lifestyle, Diet, Feet, the concept of Liberty, as well as Relationship. And that only by understanding all of these from the horse’s perspective could we begin to approach that illusory state of mind referred to as Horsemanship. We were discovering that our way to horsemanship could never be about how well we ride, or how many trophies we win, or how fast our horse runs, or how high he or she jumps. Read More→

Why Are These Horses Eating Hay?


I love this photo. I’m not even sure why really. Maybe it’s because I know how much alike these two horses are. Our wild mustang baby Firestorm on the left and our rescued American Saddlebred Mouse on the right. I posted the photo just because I liked it. And I like them. Birds of a feather. Two very bright and very curious horses. One morning Saffron – Stormy’s mom – and I were walking out of the barn breezeway to breakfast. I had called both of them but realized I wasn’t hearing eight hooves on the pea gravel. I glanced back and all I could see of Stormy was a bit of her butt. She had stepped up into the tack room. All four feet! I wish I had thought to grab the iPhone but I reacted first (react first and think later… see I’m actually becoming one of them). “Stormy get outta there!” I snapped. And by the time I thought about taking a picture she was dutifully backing out of the doorway. We were having some grading and pea gravel work done around the barn and the guys had left a few big scary tools on the floor of the tack room. Like a chain saw. And one of those big concrete cutters. Scary to most, but not to Stormy. Oh, wow! Something new. What the heck is that? The small size of the tack room alone would be enough to cause most horses to vanish. But not Stormy. Nor Mouse if she had been around.

In the original post I called them the “children” of the herd. But that’s only true in spirit. Stormy is the youngest, 16 months at the time, but Stormy’s mother Saffron is actually the next youngest, and then Mouse at seven. But Mouse still acts like she’s Stormy’s age. Anyway, without realizing it, a friend named Jennifer posted a comment that caused me to shove the next morning’s work aside and write this blog post. Jennifer said, “That’s funny, eating hay with all that luscious looking green grass!” She must’ve been wondering why in the world would they do that? Read More→

Choosing a Lifestyle for Your Horse

We’re being told everyday: Curb stress and energize health and happiness.

With all the recent studies and research on the effect of emotional stress on physical issues, illness, and attitude we should all be listening.

But it’s not just a message to us. It’s also a message to our horses. Or rather to us about our horses.

How so? Horses don’t have my problems at the office. Or my boss. Or my bills. They don’t spend hours in traffic. Or worry about losing big clients. Where’s the stress?

If someone decided that we – you and I – and everyone else – were all going to live out the rest of our lives in the water what do you think might happen?

Excuse me?

I don’t mean “on” the water, like in a boat. I mean in the water. Up to our necks. Twenty-four hours a day. Or maybe we could get out for an hour here or an hour there, just to pay bills and do a little grocery shopping. Read More→

Changing the World!

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“Before reading The Soul Of A Horse, I was about to give up on our horses because of the many misconceptions that I had regarding their care and how to be in a relationship with them.  I am now filled with hope and have a renewed sense of purpose in partnering with our horses for a meaningful journey through the rest of our lives together. Yours was the first book that I’d read for recreational “entertainment” in literally years!  It turned out to be the most beneficial and therapeutic read I have experienced, out of a host of unfinished self-help books collecting dust on my shelves.  Who knew? I’m looking forward to Born Wild.” – Kirk Durbin

Joe Camp’s best seller The Soul of a Horse-Life Lessons from the Herd, now in its 14th printing, has been turning the horse world on its ear and changing the lives of horses and people all across the planet since its publication. Critical and reader acclaim for The Soul of a Horse from over 350,000 readers has generated a profound impact on the way horses are being trained, kept, and cared for around the world.

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Lessons from the Wild

Pete Ramey is my hero for all that he has done and continues to do for the horse. He arguably knows more about the inner workings of a horse’s hoof than anyone on the planet. Pete and his wife Ivy took a week-long trip into wild horse country to see first hand, for themselves, if all the reports and research they had read about wild horse lifestyle, and hooves, and health, and happiness were true. As Pete says, they were blown away. This is their story, in Pete’s words, and I promise you will be blown away as well: Read More→