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Choosing a Lifestyle for Your Horse

We’re being told everyday: Curb stress and energize health and happiness.

With all the recent studies and research on the effect of emotional stress on physical issues, illness, and attitude we should all be listening.

But it’s not just a message to us. It’s also a message to our horses. Or rather to us about our horses.

How so? Horses don’t have my problems at the office. Or my boss. Or my bills. They don’t spend hours in traffic. Or worry about losing big clients. Where’s the stress?

If someone decided that we – you and I – and everyone else – were all going to live out the rest of our lives in the water what do you think might happen?

Excuse me?

I don’t mean “on” the water, like in a boat. I mean in the water. Up to our necks. Twenty-four hours a day. Or maybe we could get out for an hour here or an hour there, just to pay bills and do a little grocery shopping. Read More→

Changing the World!

Available everywhere, including:

“Before reading The Soul Of A Horse, I was about to give up on our horses because of the many misconceptions that I had regarding their care and how to be in a relationship with them.  I am now filled with hope and have a renewed sense of purpose in partnering with our horses for a meaningful journey through the rest of our lives together. Yours was the first book that I’d read for recreational “entertainment” in literally years!  It turned out to be the most beneficial and therapeutic read I have experienced, out of a host of unfinished self-help books collecting dust on my shelves.  Who knew? I’m looking forward to Born Wild.” – Kirk Durbin

Joe Camp’s best seller The Soul of a Horse-Life Lessons from the Herd, now in its 14th printing, has been turning the horse world on its ear and changing the lives of horses and people all across the planet since its publication. Critical and reader acclaim for The Soul of a Horse from over 350,000 readers has generated a profound impact on the way horses are being trained, kept, and cared for around the world.

Read More→

Lessons from the Wild

Pete Ramey is my hero for all that he has done and continues to do for the horse. He arguably knows more about the inner workings of a horse’s hoof than anyone on the planet. Pete and his wife Ivy took a week-long trip into wild horse country to see first hand, for themselves, if all the reports and research they had read about wild horse lifestyle, and hooves, and health, and happiness were true. As Pete says, they were blown away. This is their story, in Pete’s words, and I promise you will be blown away as well: Read More→

Winter Tips From the Middle

This Morning’s Feeding

Happy winter y’all! To those to the east of our little middle Tennessee farm: I know, I know! It’s only seven inches! Just enough to look pretty for a while, and then be gone. I hope everyone (and their horses) to the east and north of us has come through the big storm okay. We feel very lucky that we just got the tail end of it. So far our winter has been a happy one. Relatively mild without very much ado except for the above. But feeding this morning prompted me to pull out a few tips you might’ve heard from us before, but just in case… Read More→

Why Is My Next Book For Beginners Only?

Finally back at work on the next book: Horses – For Beginners Only
Here’s a sneak peek at Chapter One.


Why For Beginners Only?

Because you have the opportunity to change the world.

Seriously. You are not bogged down in practices that make no sense, either logically or scientifically. You have the opportunity to meet the horse as a being with feelings and needs before he becomes little more than a tool. Which will most likely cause you to start asking what’s in it for the horse, not just what’s in it for you. And others will follow you. And together you can change the world.

We began our journey of discovery with horses just a few short years ago. I was 68. It seems like yesterday. One day we had no horses and no clue. The next day we had three horses… and no clue. Read More→