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A Tale of Two Mustangs – Life Doesn’t Get Better Than This!


Barely an hour after Firestorm was born.

Saffron stepped off our trailer one fine St. Patty’s day, as an unhandled mustang, fresh from the wild, who had never willingly touched or been touched by any human. And she was very pregnant. We were told by the BLM that she would probably deliver in May. That was March 17th. Four days later, on March 21st, Miss Firestorm was born. Read More→

When you take off the halter or the bridle you’re left with only one thing… The Truth

When we first moved to middle Tennessee I had to use halters to lead this horse that way and that horse this way. Twice every day at feeding time I was faced with sorting out the horses to their respective feeding stations. Each horse is fed in a specific place, determined by his or her dominance position in the herd, but since we never use stalls, sorting them into those places is often… hmmm… interesting. The “places” and feeding order are determined by all kinds of things like who eats fast and who eats slowly, who is boss of who, and who is ornery enough to walk away from hers to steal someone else’s even before she’s finished with her own. A few weeks of that was quite enough. I decided to teach each horse to “walk with me” at liberty. Read More→

How did God orchestrate the successes of Benji and The Soul of a Horse?

Learn how God orchestrated the successes of
Benji and The Soul of a Horse even while Joe was
headed off in other directions.
Joe Camp spent decades butting heads with God. He fancied himself a believer, but only, in truth, because he had been brought up to be. He had never really given it much thought. God was there, somewhere. Just not much of a factor in his life. Or so he thought until the day God actually spoke to him. Joe says. “He couldn’t have painted a better picture if He had waltzed into Dallas, placed his hand around my throat and said, Look stupid, I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to set all this up, now back off and let this man talk!’

What happened next began a rela­tionship with God that would turn Joe’s life on its ear and leave him forever changed. And still it took another twenty years Read More→

Soul of a Horse Races into 13th Printing


The Soul of a Horse sprints into its 13th Printing! “Yes, this is a warm, cleanly-written and simply but powerfully-drawn book about how to understand and raise horses. But it is so much more that it deserves a voyage of discovery when the reader has plenty of time to ponder how things fit together, how we learn, why we do what we do, and how much caring and patience outweigh discipline and over-direction.” – Jack L Kennedy – The Joplin Independent Read more and Order

Geezer Breaks Wild Mustang!!!

This Morning with Miss Saffron
First Time, First Human Ever on This Mustang’s Back
Totally a Non-Event
I’m still all smiles and giggles. As much as I preach about it, it’s still amazing to witness first hand what trust and relationship can accomplish. Kathleen shot a series of 16 photos of this first mount. I’ve included them below for all of you who like a good laugh. But also to show that the only move Saffron made was Read More→

Everything You Need!

Everything You Need!
Happy Healthy Horses
Terrific Relationships with All

We began our journey of discovery with horses just a few short years ago. I was 68. It seems like yesterday. One day we had no horses and no clue. The next day we had three horses… and no clue. Today, after a great deal of study and research, we have finally chipped away at our cluelessness, but we are still learning every single day. We now have eight horses and we enjoy amazing relationships with all of them. They live out 24/7, are healthy, happy and come whenever they’re called by name. They have none of the diseases, ills, or behavior vices that plague so many horses today. Their diets consist of what they are genetically designed to eat. We play and work with our herd completely at liberty, almost never resorting to the use of halters and lead ropes. And never Read More→