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Is Stormy Afraid of the Pond?

Not exactly.

Only a few short days ago baby Stormy saw her first pond ever. And today she was swimming it it. I don’t think there’s much of anything she’s going to be afraid of. Mouse has been in the pond twice in three years. Mariah took an involuntary dip when she fell through the ice during our first winter here in Tennessee. But that’s it. Cash won’t even get his toes wet in order to have a drink. And he stood there today watching Read More→

What an Extraordinary Weekend!

Stormy and Saffron

We’re only a week into this new journey and the most amazing things are happening. Barriers are crumbling like crazy. This past Saturday marked the end of Saffron’s first week with us. An un-handled pregnant mustang captured from the wild August 1st of last year. According to the BLM, she was supposed to deliver in May. But Stormy was born three days after Saffron stepped out of the trailer into her new home. We’ve been told that even mares Read More→

Learning the Hard Way


I was so proud of myself. I would go out several times a day and chop the edges of the pond so the horses would have no problem getting water. I would often watch them when they came to the pond and if a thin coating of ice had formed one tap with a hoof would produce water and they would drink. As the number of days below freezing began to build into the double digits Read More→

Day 2 of the New Year: Another Awesome Day!

This is what we woke up to this morning. How awesome is that? Kathleen has been here since the 24th and she goes back to SoCal tomorrow. I wanted so much for her to experience the joy of waking up and seeing her new home covered with snow. And here it is. God is so good :) Read More→

Cash’s First Ever Snowfall

SnowCashOnNose400Actually it’s the first snowfall for four of our six horses, three of our four dogs, and our kitty. Okay, okay, I know all you guys who live way on up there in the freezer are laughing your heads off at me calling this snow, but Read More→

Could Be a Book Cover!


Sorry to digress but Kathleen just uncovered this photo in her archives, which I had never seen, and sent it to me in Tennessee under the subject line: Missing the boy. God knows I do everyday, and I try to stay focused, but really wanted y’all to see this one. It’s what I loved about him and still love about her. Thank you Sweetie for shooting it vertically :)