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Clinician Chris Lombard Writes About Cash

Joe… I read your newsletter about Cash while standing in the middle of the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts this past Saturday. As I finished it I just stood there. Hundreds of people were walking around me, looking at the trade show exhibits, talking about horses and horse stuff. I was floored. I couldn’t move. I was stunned. I felt it all. And here this was, all this horse show stuff going on around me. All this stuff that is trying to help people get to what you felt with Cash.

As I often do, I need to kind of go away and be on my own to process something for myself before getting back to it in the real world. I went for a walk in the rain soaked woods this morning with my dog Matea. There is snow on the ground, a half inch or so, and it was raining and cold. I thought about you and Cash. And I came to this.

A million horses would have switched places with Cash if they could, if it just meant they too could have had the life Cash did for the past ten years.

You once wrote that you believe Read More→

“So real, honest and humble.”

From Tina Royce this morning: “Thank you for the life changing book. It touched my heart in so many ways. You have no idea. God bless you Joe Camp and Kathleen”

From Beth Floyd: “I recommend your book to new horse owners all the time. I have acquired a plethora of equine books over the years but….. Yours is my favorite. So real, honest and humble.” Read More→

Six Year Anniversary in “Founder Valley”

They are genetically programmed to eat grass. 18-20 hours a day. Their bodies must have it. Their hind gut must have it. But from the moment we landed in middle Tennessee, the warnings began to pour in from the locals.

Your horses cannot be out 24/7 on the rich sugary grasses of middle Tennessee.

You’ve just moved into Founder Valley!

It freaked us out. Could grasses be that different? Read More→