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Zeke is a joy!

He will have been here only two weeks tomorrow. And he came with a few issues, stemming I’m sure from having lived with six owners in six years, and one fully blown abandonment. Some of these issues show up more around feeding time which I’m pretty certain will vanish as soon as he realizes that he’ll never be short changed on food again. And I’m sure one or more of his owners was harsh with his training. And pretty sure he has never played and worked totally at liberty as we are doing in and around feeding times. He knew how to back up, but, at liberty, every time I asked for it he’d toss his head high, eyes wide, and step back lively, even reared once… Read More→

A Bit of Good News on the Horizon

No, it’s not Cash.

As you can guess, we’ve been feeling pretty low since November 13. The joy was missing from going down to feed and play with the horses. I don’t think I even realized how all encompassing his presence was, our relationship was. And I was beginning to feel the passion slipping out of what I do. So I started glancing around, not expecting to find another Cash, but maybe a search would at least redirect me. Make busy work. But God got into it right away. I was lured into calling a lady in Kentucky about a horse she had for sale. When I told her our story with Cash she said “You don’t want that horse, but I have another. He isn’t for sale but I think he’s perfect for you and your situation and if you think so too I will sell him.” So I went up to meet this horse. Read More→