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Do You Trust Your Body to Heal Itself?

It can you know if it has the choices that it genetically needs. Your body can do amazing things. We’ve worked hard to give our horses the choices their bodies need, but we’ve ignored ourselves. Until now. I have had two bad knees forever and they are now both pain free for the first time in years. I have two shoulder rotator cuff tears, and they are now without issue or pain, as long as I don’t do something stoopid, like try to lift a horse over my shoulders :).

100 years ago we were ingesting up to 90 different minerals and nutrients that we are not ingesting today because of the way our food is grown and processed. Which is why our doctor recommended this, and Kathleen and I jumped on it. Four months later the arthritis pain in my shoulders and knees was gone and I went off all cholesterol meds altogether. No more statins. Yay!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this because I am living proof that it’s all true. You gotta, gotta gotta hear this! Dr. Joel Wallach talks about his research into the 90 essential minerals and nutrients that our body needs every day but isn’t getting. Click the “play” arrow below:

We’ve been on the program for five months now and I haven’t been this excited since we discovered how horses are supposed to live and that I could change our horses lives for the better and could convince others to do the same. I feel better, healthier than I have in years. I’m off my cholesterol medication. My arthritis is gone. I have more energy. Much more positive attitude. I sleep better. I sing more (to the horses, not a blessing for any human near by).

Our Most Important Discovery: Willing Horses Who Never Stop Giving

Yesterday an email arrived from a friend who is trying to learn about horses and relationship. He was responding to our recent blog post about Learning from Zeke… and he unwittingly caused my fountain of a brain to bubble over. I have been asked so many times to pinpoint the heart of our discoveries about horses. The key issue, the most important point. I’ve pretty much always circled around it but today the dart went right into the bulls eye when he said… Read More→

Lessons from Zeke… On Trust

I was standing in the tack room doorway talking with Kathleen who was inside. Zeke walked up behind me, poked his head across my shoulder, and blew in my nose. Not completely unlike the photo above. I turned and blew lightly back, scratched him on the cheek, and continued talking.

“You know what he’s asking for don’t you?” Kathleen said.

I nodded. “In a minute.”

Zeke dropped the weight of his head on my shoulder and waited patiently. Little crinkly smiles crept across both our faces.

Finally I turned to him and said, “Good boy. I’ll get it for you.” Read More→

Horses Never Forget Human Friends

A recent scientific study reported by Discovery News verifies that horses are closer to people who treat them well, and the study praises the use of treats and words. Those who have read The Soul of a Horse or Born Wild will understand why that gets a big Yippee! from me, and I’m sure from trick trainer Allen Pogue as well. A full chapter in Soul (The Big Red Circus Ball) is devoted to these subjects. We have known for some time that the findings regarding treats and words are true but Read More→