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How Did Dog Movies Turn Into Horse Books?

If the last Benji movie, Benji Off the Leash, had been a big success, we would’ve never owned horses and The Soul of a Horse would’ve never been written. The movie was not a big success. It was unable to compete as an independent film against the huge promotional dollars being spent by the Hollywood studios these days. That experience left a huge, gaping hole in my life. Read More→

The Soul of a Horse Gallops into its 15th Printing!

National Best Seller
#1 Amazon Best Seller
We want to thank everybody so much for this! Not solely because the book just keeps on keepin’ on, but for the thousands of horses out there who are leading happier, healthier, longer lives because it does.

None of that would be happening if y’all weren’t buying it, giving it, and spreading word about it all over the world; and Kathleen and I appreciate you so much.

Here’s what one of you said about this book: Read More→