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Horses Need Their Whiskers!

The trimming of a horse’s whiskers is illegal in Germany while many English and American associations still promote this practice.

One of the first things we purchased after our initial horses arrived was an electric clipper. We were told that we must have one so we could start desensitizing our horses to the noise they make. I am so ashamed that we had no more sense than to listen to these people. Thankfully, before the box was ever opened, we began to think. And ask questions. And ultimately, Read More→

No More Salt Blocks!

I had never been licked by a horse before. Lots of sniffing, nudging, lip nibbling, and just hanging out close by. But never a full-blown, full-tongue lick on the arm. Especially by a mustang who’s never even had a lead rope on. But one day, back when we lived in California, Noelle gave me several licks on the arm. This was back when she was not yet living out with the rest of the herd. It was a particularly hot day and I wondered aloud if it might be a salt issue. Then, I suddenly realized that when we set up her paddock we had forgotten the salt. Read More→