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The Benji Torch is Passed!


I passed the Benji torch on to my son Brandon on The Today Show. To watch, click above.

Our Amazing Lettuce… Powered by Bloomin Minerals!

Far and away the best lettuce we’ve ever grown in our raised bed garden. And over the past 3-4 weeks, before this photo was taken, Kathleen had picked 6 or 7 full lettuce hampers from these plants (we eat a LOT of salad). Every morning-after they looked as if they had never been picked. Simply amazing. And sooo tasty. Vivid proof that all our soils, horses, chickens, cows, goats, sheep and ourselves need is to have those missing essential minerals replaced and everything gets better.

Next – tomatoes that sink!

I only recently learned that if you put a tomato in a full sink of water and it floats it is woefully deficient in minerals, nutrients and taste. If it sinks Read More→