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About Hope, Love and Persistence Toward a Positive Goal

BENJI is all about hope, love and persistence toward a positive goal. Doesn’t the world need more of this right now? Please share the trailer for his new film premiering March 16 on Netflix.

“Benji Films are a Must-see.”

“Just finished watching the original Benji now on Blu-Ray. The film is wonderful as always and the quality of the high definition is fantastic. Being able to watch the tv specials was a wonderful treat. I ordered two to give one as a gift and now I feel I must order more. Our daughter is an elementary school teacher and two of our grand daughters are in school, other two will be in a couple of years. So I am going to donate copies to the respective schools. The Benji films are a must to see and a quality meaningful experience. I am 73 years old and enjoy them more each viewing and my respect for you and Mr.Inn go beyond words. Thank you for all your efforts in making quality family films. I will have to subscribe to Netfilx in order to watch the new Benji movie, can’t wait.” – Dan

Thank you so much Dan. Don’t forget to listen to the Commentary. Son Brandon and I talk about the making of the film as you watch it. – Joe

The fully restored HD Widescreen Blu-Ray and DVD of the original Benji  is now available at Walmart, and will be available at Best Buy and Target in March.

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“Benji’s uncanny ability to project emotions definitely makes him the Laurence Olivier of the dog world!” – New York Daily News

“There is no Oscar for animal actors but perhaps there should be.” – Dallas Morning News

“Benji isn’t a dog performing, but a dog acting, capturing rare feeling and almost human response.” – Variety

“Benji is truly remarkable.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Benji is able to sulk, skulk, peek, pause, do double-takes, worry, frown, scowl and glint in sly triumph. He is so wordlessly articulate that he should do a film without any two-footed creatures at all trying to steal scenes from that small and extraordinary dog with the soulful eyes.” – Los Angeles Times Read More→

“The world IS a better place because of you…”

“I have been a fan … (ok.. a HUGE fan…) of yours since I read “The Soul of a Horse” many years ago… I keep it permanently on my Kindle…. and re-read it often… It quite simply speaks to me… It makes sense. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in changing the way domestic horses live… one horse/one owner at a time. You are a “game changer”, Joe….. The world IS a better place because of you… Never stop.” – Nan Russell

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The New Benji Movie Trailer is Finally Here:

The New Benji Trailer is finally here:

Only On NETFLIX – March 16th

“My soul and my heart have truly changed.”

“I have just finished reading this book, my soul and heart have truly changed, I carry a lot of guilt at the moment, but I promised my three babies to place their needs before my own….thank you Joe!” – Cindy Barlow

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