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The Houston Mounted Police Patrol – Barefoot and Bitless

40 Horses from all breeds and backgrounds
all working 8-10 hours every day on the asphalt,
concrete, and marble of downtown Houston.
Barefoot and Bitless!

All thriving, healthier than ever, with vet bills cut in half. Which pretty much shoots holes in the theory that all horses cannot go barefoot. All of these did. Successfully! And most of the Houston Mounted Patrol horses work the streets bitless. The success of this program has now caused other mounted patrols around the country, most recently Austin, Texas, to go barefoot.

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Brandon Camp Interviewed About an Underdog Box Office Sensation

Brandon Camp directs the reboot of his father’s heartwarming 1970s classic that spawned an underdog box office sensation. The new Benji movie is now streaming on Netflix! Click  here or above.


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