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Never Seen Anything Like This

I have Never Seen Two Horses Act Like This!

I’ve seen horses groom each other, play together on occasions, hang out from time to time. But never anything like this. Wherever they go it’s virtually always together. There are eight horses in our herd but lately it has seemed more like six plus two. Poppy entered the herd as #3 in the pecking order. Zeke has always been on the bottom. But the first time they were together Zeke chased Poppy at light speed around the paddock with what appeared to be a vengeance. She was so petrified she was actually peeing as she raced circles around the paddock. I separated them. And now:
This is all quite amazing but it is also weirdly wonderful. I think they really care about each other. And that makes me smile. РJoe

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