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Noelle – Day 70 – Accepting Both Sides – Molting, Not Foaling. New Photos and Videos

A friend asked us if we had a name for the foal yet. We said no, and he said, “Well, the mom is Noelle. How about Foelle?” I threatened to send his email address to all of y’all :)

Today was a good day. Perhaps not the best day Noelle and I have had, but still good. And Kathleen did take some photos and video. It was an unseasonably Read More→

Omigosh y’all! Noelle is bagging up!

Day 60 – Dr. Matt was here this morning and pointed out that Noelle is bagging up and will probably foal within the next 30 days… at least two months before earlier predictions!

Holy moly! The best laid plans and all that. Did I ever tell you that this is our first, as in FIRST, experience with birthing a foal, never mind one from a mustang who has never been touched (willingly) by anyone but me! Gleep and gulp! Even this morning when Dr. Matt got too close Noelle had to leave my side.

Since the last note I have been able to rub and scratch on both her right and left sides, down to the withers and down the leg to the knee. This morning on her right I even reached down her side toward her flank, and down her spine a bit. And I’m cleaning out eye boogers on both sides ?

I’ve begun a bit of halter desensitization, putting just the weight of my hand on the halter loop. At first, of course, she pulled quickly away. But the first time she didn’t she was instantly rewarded with a bite of hay. Now she rarely pulls away and – on occasion – she’ll even drop her head a bit, or give to a slight tug to the right. Again, instant reward. A rub, a good word, and a bite.

Today I’ll begin trying to approach and get approached without hay in my hands. And we’ll begin a new supplement for mama and baby.

Now, to shake off the sudden onset of tension and pledge to embrace whatever happens and deal with it at the moment. As you’ve heard me say before, God has obviously never felt obligated to let us know what’s in store. He does keep things interesting.


Day 46 – Noelle Is Crossing Major Thresholds; Photos and Video

This morning Kathleen said to me, “Do you realize that you’re always saying, ‘I wonder when I’m going to be able to do this or do that with Noelle.’ Just a few days ago you were saying you couldn’t wait until you could scratch her on the neck. Seriously, just a few days! And here you are scratching her neck, her chest, her leg, her ear, her face and are you satisfied, even just a little bit? Have you taken a moment to just sigh happily Read More→