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Two Month Report: Happy Healthy Mustang Joins Happy Healthy Herd; Life Lessons


Sometimes I have to haul off and slap myself.


Something to force the brain to stop racing around like a crazed maniac and take a deep breath. To pause and smell the roses. Or at least look at them. How many times in my life have I closed my eyes and dreamed of the above picture? And here it is. Part of our life. And I’m fretting about how far behind I am and how much I have to do. Read More→

Benji Helps Raise Money for Gentle Carousel Therapy Minature Horses in Ocala

BenjiLeadsMagic400Benji leads Magic into the Ocala Mayor’s office to receive a special
presentation for making a difference in the Ocala community

What a spectacular weekend this was in Ocala, Florida. Wall-to-wall events and media interviews all focused on fund-raising for the Gentle Carousel Therapy Miniature Horses and bringing a bit of happiness into the lives of hospitalized children and senior citizens. Gentle Carousel is a non-profit organization lead by Debbie and Jorge Garcia-Bengochea, two of the most caring, selfless individuals I’ve ever met. Their miniature horses visit kids in children’s hospitals and Read More→