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New TV Interview with Joe & Kathleen On Location At Their Tennessee Farm

Nashville Newzine taped a new TV interview with Kathleen and moi on location at our middle Tennessee place. Kathleen and Skeeter did super but the old guy in the interview needs a haircut in the worst way. And seeing this actually motivated Kathleen to do the job before she headed back to California yesterday. The days and nights when she’s not here seem to drag by at a snail’s pace… and when she’s here they fly by at the speed of light. And now we’re back to the every-once-in-a-while schedule until next summer when the twins graduate. Sad. But I keep telling myself: We can do it. We can do it. The link to the TV interview is:  Several of the herd are featured as well.

Are You Living Your Passion?

Every time I look at one of these photos of Kathleen’s and think about how much I lusted after the very life we’re living I have no choice but to reflect upon how very blessed we are. Have always been. I’ll never forget asking my dad when I was a junior in high school, “How am I supposed to go about choosing a career? Where do I start?” His response was profound, and not of the times, and for some reason that surprised me. Read More→

Kathleen Talks About Joe’s New Book

Hi everybody. This is Kathleen. I sent Joe to the barn so I could write this piece of truth. His next book has just come out and no it’s not the follow up to The Soul of a Horse. Joe had this book and two others almost finished when he pushed them aside to write “Soul”. This one’s not even about horses… unless you’ve ever wondered what kind of person could begin writing a book like The Soul of a Horse less than a year-and-a-half after acquiring his very first one. This new book will answer that question (in spades!). So, in truth, it is about horses because this journey is the one Read More→