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It’s 28 degrees outside, the day before Christmas…


It’s 28 degrees outside, the day before Christmas; we counted at least 25 little snowflakes while we were feeding, and Kathleen’s kitchen is awash with amazing smells of tasty things to come (photo above). We wish you all a warm and wonderful Christmas (or Chanukah, or…) overflowing with joy and love and celebration. – Joe And Kathleen

An amazing article on why horses should not be blanketed in winter

This is the best, all encompassing science on why horses should not be blanketed or groomed in winter and fed free-choice grass hay 24/7. Well done! Natalija! All documented and referenced at the end.

By: Natalija Aleksandrova
Holistic Horse & Hoof Care

In order for a mammal to survive, internal body temperature is kept within a very narrow range. If the temperature exceeds these limits either above or below, the chemical reactions on the cellular level function improperly. Or they stop functioning at all. Fluctuations outside of the normal temperature range result in Read More→

“Share a rare intimate narrative and an extraordinary book.”

“This is an extraordinary book. Every horse will be ever grateful to Joe for writing it. Buy it for your daughters, sons, friends, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, vets, farriers, BornWild-FrontCover-125neighbors, hay dealers, feed merchants, the local breeders, the people who muck out at their stables, the people who rent trailers, the people who have horse rescue centers. Buy paper copies and leave them accidentally on purpose at the racetracks, at the show jumping events, horse auctions and at clinics you attend. Buy the kindle version for everyone you Read More→