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An Awesome Reminder of Our Task On This Planet

An awesome reminder of what our task on this planet is all about, from a post on the NH Forum:

“I just read a book I would not normally have picked up.  It was at the library and I read the flap and thought yeah, yeah, another romanticizing horsemanship story.  Anyway he mentions a trainer I have a problem with so I put it back on the shelf. But something kept making me look at it again. So last night in an effort to try to stay up for New Year’s Eve I thought I’d go ahead and try to read it.

It was The Soul of a Horse by Joe Camp.  If you have read it you will know why it affected me so much.

I wanted to post this at 2:00AM, (when I had finished the entire book by the way – I read it straight through), I thought you all would think I had gone nuts.  Yeah, it was one of “those books” for me.

I laughed, I cried, I felt Joe’s embarrassment, his frustration, his victories no matter how small, his overwhelming accomplishment.  I felt the horses mind working, and watched the evolution of their species through their eyes.

I felt his wife’s fear, both real and imagined and watched her journey overcoming it by learning from the horse.  I saw her watch her husband’s obsession as my husband watches mine and can only shake his head.

This book validated so many things I know but could not bring to the surface.  I just needed to remember.

OK, I’ll stop but I hope everyone gets a chance to read this book.  It’s one of those books you buy and reread again and again because it is like an old friend on the shelf just waiting for you.” Traci – NH Forum Post

Thanks so much Traci. You don’t know how much your words mean to us.


Read more about The Soul of a Horse, and order: The Soul of a Horse – Life Lessons from the Herd

Winter Reminder… Got Water!

This is such a good idea and has worked so beautifully for us since our move to middle Tennessee in 2009 I try to post a reminder every fall.

December of 2010, the year after we arrived in middle Tennessee, was the coldest in recorded history since the early 1940s. We had just limped through eight days of below freezing temperatures. It got so low the first night that the pond totally froze. I kept trying to break up the ice along the edges so the horses could get to water (the remnants seen on the gravel in the photo below) but it soon reached the point where it was re-freezing before I could get back into the house. So finally – remembering well Mariah’s fall through the ice the winter before when Read More→