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Winter Tips From the Middle

This Morning’s Feeding

Happy winter y’all! To those to the east of our little middle Tennessee farm: I know, I know! It’s only seven inches! Just enough to look pretty for a while, and then be gone. I hope everyone (and their horses) to the east and north of us has come through the big storm okay. We feel very lucky that we just got the tail end of it. So far our winter has been a happy one. Relatively mild without very much ado except for the above. But feeding this morning prompted me to pull out a few tips you might’ve heard from us before, but just in case… Read More→

Why Is My Next Book For Beginners Only?

Finally back at work on the next book: Horses – For Beginners Only
Here’s a sneak peek at Chapter One.


Why For Beginners Only?

Because you have the opportunity to change the world.

Seriously. You are not bogged down in practices that make no sense, either logically or scientifically. You have the opportunity to meet the horse as a being with feelings and needs before he becomes little more than a tool. Which will most likely cause you to start asking what’s in it for the horse, not just what’s in it for you. And others will follow you. And together you can change the world.

We began our journey of discovery with horses just a few short years ago. I was 68. It seems like yesterday. One day we had no horses and no clue. The next day we had three horses… and no clue. Read More→