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The Doctor Says…

Dr. Peter Glidden, ND says:
“If anybody tells you that generation of new cartilage tissue is impossible they are lying to you. We do it all the time.”

“46 million Americans have arthritis. They spend $128 Billion per year with MD’s that have no understanding or knowledge of how to cure arthritis. They only know how to manage it. Or operate on it. Yet, the July 2002 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that knee replacement surgery for arthritis doesn’t work. It’s a temporary fix, at best because it doesn’t fix the cause of the arthritis. It’s like painting over the mold in the basement. You can’t see it anymore, but it isn’t fixed.

“So what will fix it? Read More


Powerful Stories From Happier Healthier Horses Around the World

Rarely a day passes that doesn’t bring emails or posts heralding happier, healthier horses who have left their stalls, shoes, and sugars behind and are living the Wild Horse Model as closely as circumstances allow. Horses who now trust and forge relationship by their own choice, not ours. Unsolicited stories from people we did not know before they wrote. Many of whom had no way to do what they did but they put their minds to work and figured out how they could make their horse’s lives better. These stories are the fuel that drives us ever forward, learning and writing, to make a difference for horses everywhere. After reading just the few below, grouped together for the first time, Kathleen said to me, “When you first contemplated writing that first book, when you told me how important you felt these discoveries were and how much you believed that we should make an effort to get this word out, you said, ‘If just one horse-human relationship could be changed for the better, if just one horse could be living a happier, healthier life then the all the effort would be worthwhile.” She paused for a long moment and wiped away the beginnings of a tear. “Congratulations my Sweetie,” she said. “Mission accomplished.”

I hope you’ll open your heart and listen to what these horses have to say: Read More→