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Take Charge of Your Health!

First human on this mustang – Joe at 77

Take Charge of Your Health
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I’m now 78 and had two painfully arthritic knees, one of them bone-on-bone and begging for surgery; and I have rotator cuff tears in both shoulders. Kathleen and I began this program in April of 2015 and after four months I was pain free in both knees and both shoulders. I went off all cholesterol meds. No more statins. Yay! And I feel better, healthier than I have in years. I have more energy. A much more positive attitude. I sleep better. I sing to the horses (who are hopefully tone deaf). Dr. Joel Wallach, founder of the program, says, “I love folks with arthritis because it’s so easy to fix. And we regularly take people off Type 2 Diabetes medication, blood pressure medication, reflux and digestive meds, and all sorts of other once-considered chronic or genetic illnesses. Give your body what it is genetically designed to have and it can do amazing things.” Click the links above and take charge of your health. Discover how awesome it can be.