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No Agenda Time – Join Up Without a Round Pen

Joe and Saffron

You might remember that, for me, the most important element in Monty Roberts’ Join Up is that the choice to join up, to trust, belongs to the horse. It is not forced by the human. And when the horse makes that choice freely, of its own free will, everything changes. No-Agenda Time takes longer than Monty’s Join Up (which usually works for him in 30 to 40 minutes). Our No Agenda experiment with our new mustang Saffron took 35 days, but when it happened everything changed, like a flash, right before our eyes. Everything! As if she had just flicked a switch. Read More→

What’s In It for the Horse?

Are you asking everyday what’s in it for the horse? With training? With lifestyle? With diet? With feet? With relationship? What’s in it for the horse? Not what’s in it for me? Until then you cannot even imagine how good things can be. Read More→

No More Salt Blocks!

I had never been licked by a horse before. Lots of sniffing, nudging, lip nibbling, and just hanging out close by. But never a full-blown, full-tongue lick on the arm. Especially by a mustang who’s never even had a lead rope on. But one day, back when we lived in California, Noelle gave me several licks on the arm. This was back when she was not yet living out with the rest of the herd. It was a particularly hot day and I wondered aloud if it might be a salt issue. Then, I suddenly realized that when we set up her paddock we had forgotten the salt.

One of the many things I asked about when our first three horses landed in our yard was, “Aren’t we supposed to have a salt block?” “Of course,” was the unanimous answer. “Can’t hurt.” The reason it’s in a block, we were told, is so the horse can’t get too much. You know how bad salt can be for high blood pressure and other things. We bought it because that’s all the information we had. Read More→

“Cash and Joe Camp touched and changed so many lives.”

“Cash, more so than any human, lived a life larger than life. He will always be an icon, a hero, a gift from God, and he did what he was sent to do…change your life Joe, as you did his, and then ours. The pictures you and Kathleen shared brought him alive for us. We can never say thank you enough.”  – Dawn Hubbard

“Joe Camp is a master storyteller.”

The New York Times

“One cannot help but be touched by Camp’s love and sympathy for animals and by his eloquence on the subject.”

Michael Korda, The Washington Post

“Camp’s tightly-written, simply-designed and powerfully drawn chapters often read like short stories that flow from the heart.”

Jack L. Kennedy – The Joplin Independent

“You will never look at a horse race, or a herd of mustangs, or even the canine lounging on your couch, the same way.”

The Las Vegas Review Journal

“Joe Camp is a gifted storyteller and the results are magical.”

Rick Lamb – The Horse Show

“A fantastic book.”

WGN Chicago

“A masterpiece.”

The Ultimate Horse

National Best Seller

#1 Amazon Best Seller

Now in its 15th Printing!

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