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The First Day of Sunshine Since We Arrived


Yesterday. Photo from high up the hill. Everybody is present except Mariah. Even Noelle can barely be seen behind the tree by the barn. Sort of makes it all worthwhile. – Joe

The Horses Have Landed

WidePasture500wPocket, Mouse and Skeeter enjoy their new home.
Shot from our new front porch while eating breakfast this morning.

Once again our timing was perfect. The move from southern California landed us right in the middle of a “most unusual” weather pattern that has set records for rainfall. It’s been raining for days and days. Seven inches the day the horses came in. The weather slowed the progress Read More→

Love Happens Premiere Photos


The Westwood Village Theater has been hosting world premieres forever. There’s a photo in the men’s room of the 1948 premiere of Casanova. This was a spectacular night for a very proud papa celebrating son Brandon’s first film as writer/director. Read More→


It took 4 hours to load Noelle into the shuttle trailer! About a minute and a half from the shuttle into the big transport. Kathleen filmed it all. A mini-series! And several very tired folks. One very close call. Thanks so much Dani, Gail, Dar, Mary Ann, and Julio… and, of course my sweetie. Now the herd is headed for Tennessee. Noelle and Cash will sleep well tonight. As will we.



Our herd had it’s last feed on their dusty rocky hillside this morning. We’ve had a bit of a time holding ourselves together. Kathleen filmed the entire round and we realized that we had never recorded the whole procedure before. The gang seemed to know something was afoot, especially when I walked out after with all five of their tubs. Noelle is the big question mark and moving her into the shuttle trailer that will take her down the hill to the big travel trailer (which cannot get up the hill) is our primary concern at the moment. It will be an interesting test of keeping our adrenaline down at rock bottom, and taking the time that it takes. Please say a prayer.


Moving Week is Here!

Suddenly scary. We’re actually going to do this. Movers come Friday. Horses leave Sunday. Love Happens premiere on Tuesday. Kathleen, Benji and I leave Wed for Bell Buckle TN. Horses arrive the 17th. Movers the 18th. Kathleen will be at both ends filming the horses and maybe a photo or two which we can pass along. So much going on my fret level (always way above normal) is up around the moon. Driving Kathleen crazy. Will report on the other side. Please don’t forget to tell everyone to go see Love Happens on the first day, Friday September 18th. Thanks much.