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Could Be a Book Cover!


Sorry to digress but Kathleen just uncovered this photo in her archives, which I had never seen, and sent it to me in Tennessee under the subject line: Missing the boy. God knows I do everyday, and I try to stay focused, but really wanted y’all to see this one. It’s what I loved about him and still love about her. Thank you Sweetie for shooting it vertically :)


“Maybe he taught you something quite extraordinary that will help the lives of other horses in the future.”

Last night I finally bit the bullet and began reading the huge stack of cards and letters that you sent to Kathleen and me after Malachi’s death. I had put it off time and time again. I considered not packing them when we approached the move to Tennessee. I knew they were all Read More→

It was the best of times… It was the worst of times

I sat on the front porch tonight and ate broiled salmon and spinach sautéed in olive oil and garlic while listening to the rain. What Kathleen and I call an Asheville rain, in honor of what was perhaps her first understanding (for a California girl) of how nice a rain can be. We were attending a Celtic music festival in Asheville. It was a Sunday morning Read More→