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This Morning Began…

CalmBeforeStorm…like this. The calm before the storm! Read More→

Learning the Hard Way


I was so proud of myself. I would go out several times a day and chop the edges of the pond so the horses would have no problem getting water. I would often watch them when they came to the pond and if a thin coating of ice had formed one tap with a hoof would produce water and they would drink. As the number of days below freezing began to build into the double digits Read More→

Day 2 of the New Year: Another Awesome Day!

This is what we woke up to this morning. How awesome is that? Kathleen has been here since the 24th and she goes back to SoCal tomorrow. I wanted so much for her to experience the joy of waking up and seeing her new home covered with snow. And here it is. God is so good :) Read More→

What an Awesome Beginning to the New Year


2009 was a tough year; full of struggles, change, and pain. And much to remember. But 2010 began with an awesome reminder of what our task on this planet is all about. Read More→