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Two Firsts and a Third – Barefoot and Bitless!

From Carrie DeCesare in Ohio: This is Monet and Mouse, they just completed their first walk trot under saddle, equitation and pleasure divisions all ridden bit less, shoeless and Mouse lives out 24/7 with his herd with no stalls or blankets on fifteen acres of open pasture and free choice hay. They took two firsts and one third place! So thankful I found Joe Camp almost 2 years ago and transformed our horses lives. They are all now 100% sound in excellent health and condition and have no bad habits or lameness. I will NEVER put a shoe on a horse or make it live in a stall again and I will forever strive to educate horse owners about the benefits of following the natural horse life style. Thanks Joe!! Read more about happier healthier horses all across the planet!

Now It’s Personal

Saffron’s First Encounter with Humans

Above is an un-retouched photograph by Laura Leigh of our Miss Saffron (far right) and two young herd mates on the day they were brutally chased and rounded up by a BLM helicopter whose skids were barely ten feet off of her back. She was pregnant with Firestorm. The photo brings home to us more than just about anything else could how calloused and arrogant and without a soul these people are.  A few months later, after being shuffled from Nevada, to California, to Mississippi Read More→