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On Changing the World…

A lot of people dream about changing the world, but very few ever try it. Let alone do it. I’ve tried it twice. And have been blessed by being successful at it both times. To actually change the world, even if only a little bit. The first time was the original Benji movie. Most people think it was a Disney film. It wasn’t. Disney turned it down. As did every other studio in Hollywood. Twice. Once in the script stage and again after we had raised the money privately and independently produced the film. We had no choice but to attempt to distribute the movie ourselves. We made a lot of mistakes. Read More→

Meet Ratatouille, Our Latest Adoption?


Last night while I was loading the Gator with hay to distribute in the pasture, totally spaced out, humming a tune to Zeke, the quiet of the moment was suddenly shattered by a blood curdling scream from the tack room. I raced in and Kathleen was in the corner totally trapped by and pointing to the cabinet where we keep our feeding buckets. “S-s-snake!!,” she squeaked out. Read More→