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Winter Reminder… Got Water!

December of 2010, the year after we arrived in middle Tennessee, was the coldest in recorded history since the early 1940s. We had just limped through eight days of below freezing temperatures. It got so low the first night that the pond totally froze. I kept trying to break up the ice along the edges so the horses could get to water (the remnants seen on the gravel in the photo below) but it soon reached the point where it was re-freezing befre I could get back into the house. So finally – remembering well Mariah’s fall l through the ice the winter before – Read More→

Two Dominant Mustangs – Rounds 1, 2 & 3

Shiver! Those looks. Here we go again, I thought.

Watch the Video!

You might recall back in early June on Miss Firestorm’s 10-week birthday we decided to see how her mom Saffron and Noelle, both mustangs out of the wild, would do sharing a pasture; the goal being to finally get the herd all together as one, all out 24/7 with both pastures to roam. The result was a disaster. Big mistake. Read More→

I Thought I Had Learned Something About Mustangs…

Last evening Miss Saffron, our second mustang from the wild, received her first ever hoof trim. She continues to astound me virtually every moment we’re together. I suppose because of our very different experience with Noelle. How was I to know that Miss Mouse, our little American Saddlebred rescue, would provide the key to the vast differences between these two wild horses. Read More→