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Miss Firestorm Just Keeps Growing


And growing. And growing. The photo above was taken on her 7-month birthday as she and Noelle groom each other. Mama Saffron can be seen, unconcerned, way up the hill under the golden tree. Read More→

Why We Do What We Do! Please Read Katie’s Story

Wicked and Katie2Katie Pontone and her National Champion

Katie is only eighteen years old but what follows, in her own words, is from the heart and mind of a young lady much wiser than we might expect from one with so few years under her belt:

“I have been using an AANHCP certified trimmer on my pony jumper in New Jersey because we read your book The Soul of a Horse and never looked back. My pony is now the 2012 National Pony Jumper Champion because she managed the only round without fault of the top pony jumpers in the country at the national finals and was the only barefoot one of all the pony jumpers so I must thank you for opening my eyes to the ignorance and nonsense that trainers preach about the incredible powers of shoes.

My pony is Wicked, who is blind in one eye, and her trimmer is Cindy Ross. Thanks to Cindy I can always count on Wicked’s perfect hooves to turn tighter, gallop faster, and jump cleaner than my shod competitors. She is not only ranked number one in the United States, Read More→