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“A Little Book with a Huge Message!”


“Joe Camp did it again! I Love this book. It is short, a quick easy read, but PACKED with profound insight into the way dogs view life. It is a book I will read over and over to remind me that by viewing the world thru a dog’s eyes I can become a better person.” – Jane Collier

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I’ve spent three decades wandering around inside the heart and soul of a dog, writing Benji stories, directing Benji movies, trying to understand how to better draw you, the audience, in there with me. This time and effort spent on four legs learning to inhale the world from a canine point of view has taught me many amazingly simple lessons about life. Lessons that can and should apply to our lives, yours and mine, because they work better. Read More→

Breakfast with the Herd – The Video – How We Organize and Feed 8 Horses Completely at Liberty

A random morning feeding experience. The whole dang thing! So unless you’re a newcomer to horses, or extremely bored, beware. It might seem like watching paint dry. But quite a few folks who can’t travel down and experience it first hand have begged for something like this. I hope it meets their expectations. In the simplest of terms it is just feeding time with our herd. But in its most complex terms this video embodies and contains everything we’ve learned in the short few years we’ve been in this wonderful world of horses. It’s a terrific demonstration of what trust can produce.

The members of the herd were called in individually, and every one of them reveal the relationship we have. We use the morning and evening feeding times to ensure Read More→

A Tale of Two Mustangs – Life Doesn’t Get Better Than This!


Barely an hour after Firestorm was born.

Saffron stepped off our trailer one fine St. Patty’s day, as an unhandled mustang, fresh from the wild, who had never willingly touched or been touched by any human. And she was very pregnant. We were told by the BLM that she would probably deliver in May. That was March 17th. Four days later, on March 21st, Miss Firestorm was born. Read More→

Choosing a Lifestyle for Your Horse

We’re being told everyday: Curb stress and energize health and happiness.

With all the recent studies and research on the effect of emotional stress on physical issues, illness, and attitude we should all be listening.

But it’s not just a message to us. It’s also a message to our horses. Or rather to us about our horses.

How so? Horses don’t have my problems at the office. Or my boss. Or my bills. They don’t spend hours in traffic. Or worry about losing big clients. Where’s the stress?

If someone decided that we – you and I – and everyone else – were all going to live out the rest of our lives in the water what do you think might happen?

Excuse me?

I don’t mean “on” the water, like in a boat. I mean in the water. Up to our necks. Twenty-four hours a day. Or maybe we could get out for an hour here or an hour there, just to pay bills and do a little grocery shopping. Read More→

The Soul of a Horse is Now in its 15th Printing!


National Bestseller
#1 Amazon Bestseller

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