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Ouch! First Pasture Meeting: Mama & Baby Meet Uncle Skeeter & Mouse

Saffron and Firestorm enter the eastern pasture for the first time with other horses. We chose Skeeter and Mouse to be first because it’s been obvious for some time that, across the fence, Skeeter wanted to be Uncle Skeeter to Stormy. Read More→

New Video: First Trip into a New Paddock for Saffron and Firestorm

Watch the Video

Two months ago Miss Saffron, a BLM pregnant mustang from the wild, had never willingly been touched by a human. Only those BLM folks moving her in and out of squeeze chutes and trailers. Eight weeks ago (3 days after we brought her home) she gave birth to her baby, Firestorm, who was conceived in the wild on or about April 20th (my birthday). Both of these mustangs have been nothing short of Read More→

First Pasture Outing for Saffron and Firestorm

Look at all that space Mommy!

Stormy was coming up on seven weeks old and had never been out of her paddock and the adjacent paddock. We figured it was time. So we locked the herd in the eastern pasture, opened the gate from Mustang Paddock to the western pasture, and Read More→

A Special Telling Moment with Baby Stormy

Over the weekend we took Firestorm out for an adventure away from the paddock where she was born. Her first trip away from home. While mom munched away I walked little Miss Stormy into the round pen for the first time… and was blessed with a special telling moment. Read More→