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What a Special Lady… This Wild Mustang

This day had to come. Kathleen had done her part by assuring Miss Saffron that there was nothing wrong with wearing a halter (see our last post). Now it was my turn, the next step. I had to show her there was nothing wrong with wearing a lead rope… and giving to pressure. And I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it. The only time a lead rope was ever put on Noelle, our first mustang, it was an explosive disaster. But these are two very different horses, I kept telling myself. Saffron trusts us implicitly and has said as much often. But as I clipped the rope onto Saffy’s halter neither of us knew that I was about to make a serious mistake. Read More→

Fearful Kathleen and the Wild Mustang

It was late. And getting darker by the second. We were down for our No-Agenda Time with Saffron and Firestorm, just chatting away, pretty much ignoring the two nibbling hay at our feet. Suddenly, without a word,  Kathleen bolted out of her chair and strolled over to the panel where Saffy’s halter was hanging. The halter she had never yet worn. Read More→